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1.24V shunt regulator cross reference LA432, LT433   [2017-06-08]
1.24V Shunt Regulator Cross Reference
P/N  VKA (max.) IKA(min) Brand
LT433 30V 0.15mA~0.3mA Liteon 
LF431 30V 55uA~80uA Liteon 
LT432 20V 0.15mA~0.3mA Liteon 
LA432 20V 55uA~80uA Liteon 
LMV431 35V 55uA~80uA Ti
TLV431 6V 55uA~100uA Ti
TLVH431 18V 60uA~100uA Ti
TLV431 18V 30uA~80uA Onsemi 
TS3431  25V  0.35mA~0.4mA  ST 
ZTLV431 10V 55uA~100uA ZETEX
TLV431  20V 55uA~80uA ZETEX 
AZ431L 20V 55uA~80uA BCD 
AP432 20V 0.15mA~0.3mA Diodes

LT433 Features
•Adjustable output voltage is VREF to 28V
•Sink current capability is 150mA
•Low dynamic output impedance is 0.2Ω (typ.)
•Minimum Cathode current for regulation is 0.2mA (typ.)
•Plastic material has UL flammability classification 94V-0

LA432 Features
  •Precision reference voltage :

     − LA432OCA/OCR : 1.24V±0.5%

     − LA432N : 1.24V±1.0%

•Adjustable output voltage is VREF to 18V
•Low dynamic output impedance is 0.05 (typ.)
•Minimum Cathode current for regulation is 55uA (typ.)
•Plastic material has UL flammability classification 94V-0
•Low Temperature Deviation: 3mV Typical
•Low Equivalent Full-Range Temperature Coefficient: 20PPM/℃ (typ.) 

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