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LiteON Semiconductor Launched Newest Power MOSFETs -Comprehensively applying to Electrical Power Supplier Design by its Pioneering Technologies and Varied Package   [2016-04-14]

New Taipei City, Taiwan – April 14, 2016 — LiteON Semiconductor, today launched series MOSFET device of the company’s newest generation of Breakdown Voltage 20 to 100 Volt N/P-channels. The LiteON Semiconductor’s new generation MOSFETs deliver very substantial improvements in power efficiency, design compatibility and product reliability for their end customers’ power application, such as power supplies (SMPS) , motor drives , Li-Ion battery protection and various condition of power load-switch.

The primary advantage of LiteON Semiconductor’s MOSFET devices is its excellent manufacturing experience of Semiconductor, over 20 years in-house silicon fab and assembly engineering and reliable testing process, leading LiteON Semiconductor established very strong partnerships with global-brand power suppliers in past years. More advantages of new generation MOSFETs are its lower Rdson which lowers extra-conduction losses and lower Qg which lowers unnecessary switching losses, and qualified overall performance in comprehensive application. Based on advantages, undoubtedly designers are allowed to consider smaller product size and bill-of-materials (BOM) costs to make design requirements satisfied.

For more information of the LiteON Semiconductor latest MOSFET products and technologies, contact your local LiteON Semiconductor’s Distributors or Sales, or immediately mail to jasoncs.huang@liteonsemi.com , Ivy.lee@liteonsemi.com or hertz.hsu@liteonsemi.com for more business inquiries.

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