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Quality Policy
LiteOn Semiconductor Corp supplies customers with satisfactory products and on-time deliveries based on the Company's management philosophy. To live up to such objectives, the President will call all department heads to set up policies, objectives and commitments on quality to function as the guiding policies on overall quality. Through promotion by the Quality Assurance department and support by other depatrments concerned, the entire staff will become fully aware of and faithfully maintain the quality policy.

The Company holds the policy:
1. To create first class quality
2. On-time delivery
3. Satisfy customers' requirements

Quality objectives
1. To draw up quality objectives based on quality policy, attributes of the product quality and customers' demand and accomplish the common quality criteria through promotion by all departments concerned.

2. To make the Company's quality policy and quality objectives well known to the entire staff to keep them alert through various training programs. The
management shall stress quality policies and objectives from time to time to assure that employees of all levels will understand, commit and implement the objectives.

Quality Declaration
1. To do the job right in the first effort.
2. To fulfill the subsequent jobs in total satisfaction.
3. To make quality visible.

Quality management system certification
Site Certificate Certificate type Certificate Number Validity from/until Certification Body


Micro WuXi

Semi WuXi
ISO/TS 16949:2002 12 111 23009 TMS from : 2015-08-17
until : 2018-08-16
Environmental Policy
As a worldwide trend, Environmental Protection is as important as the Product Quality, Prompt Delivery and Customer Satisfaction for To-day's Enterprise.
It is one of the key factors supporting the continuous growth for business.

LiteOn Semiconductor Corp. has committed the followings:
1. Related Environmental Regulatory Compliance.
2. Continuous waste reduction & pollution prevention.
3. Emphasis proper communication among the interested parties.
4. Education & Training for all employee about Environmental Protection.

Environmental Implementation Guidelines
LiteOn Semiconductor Corp. Commits ourselves to the implementation guidelines for the Environmental Policy as follows:
1. Compliance to all related Environmental Regulatory.
2. Fully prestos Industrial waste reduction and recycling.
3. Consider not to use those material which could significant impact for the environment.
4. When there are development of new products/process,or purchase of new equipment's, we should consider the factors for energy saving and pollution elimination.
5. To promote all employee's environmental protection concept through effective training.
6. Enhance the communication with the interested parties.
7. Strictly follow the EMS (environmental Management System) requirements.
Environmental Declaration
LiteOn Semiconductor Corp. declares that:
All the employee should strictly follow the EMS (Environmental Management System) defined in the related documents and procedures.
Through the effective and specific improvement action plans, we commit ourselves to have continuous improvement for Environmental Activities.

Environment management system certification:
Site Certificate Certificate type Certificate Number Validity from/until Certification Body
Keelung OHSAS18001 TW08/00224 from : 2015-01-15
until : 2018-01-15
Seefull ISO 14001:2004 1528-2000-AE-RGC-RvA from : 2015-03-01
until : 2018-03-01
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